Merliva provides solutions for many of the challenges small businesses face today in marketing, training and operating all on a budget. Merliva founder, Alex Merced, has for over a decade worked with and operated small businesses in hobby retail, fashion, finance, politics and corporate training. He's been involved in the marketing, operating, and accounting functions in these businesses and more. Merliva allows you to take that knowledge and experience and put it to use in advancing your small business, practice or campaign.

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Services Provided by Merliva


Whether it's to develop a brand with branding assets (Audio/Visual), create a marketing strategy or help implement it, you can find a wide variety of services from Merced Branding, a subdivision of Merliva.

Team Training

Need to train your staff on company procedures and practices. Merliva can help prepare engaging live or online training on what your staff needs to know to create the corporate culture you need.

Operational Support

Trying to develop effective practices and systems to help your small business work effectively, increase production and reduce mistakes. Merliva can help you develop forms advise on use of online tools and more to improve your business operations.